It’s Showtime.........

That’s it! Preliminaries are done. Practice matches have been run and won. Rehearsals are finished. It’s time for the real stuff.

A new season. A new competition. A new challenge...or two.

The second side enters a brand-new competition: Division 1 in a 12-a-side format. Due to the unfortunate fact of dwindling num­bers, it was felt that this was the best option. The challenge is there now to make the most of this opportunity and do the best we can and, hopefully, make the finals.

The first side are back in Division 2 and the challenge there is to consolidate, or make the finals if the opportunity presents. Whichever way it goes, they too have to make the most of the op­portunities presented. Let’s hope for a great season, on and off the greens. The key, I believe, is to enjoy our­selves. That’s the reason we play the game, isn’t it? For enjoyment? I know I do. Winning just makes it more enjoyable.

Anyway, playtime is over now it’s time to get serious. So, get along to pennant practice and get bowling. These bloody big flags don’t win themselves…….

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