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Hello again. It’s been a few months since the last newsletter but we’re back and, I hope, entertaining and informative. We can but hope. The renovations continue. The ladies toilets have been given a makeover and look great, the entry foyer has also had a bit a tidy up and also looks great. There’s still some work to do in there and I’m told it’ll be fantastic when finished. The hall looks better but still needs to be com-pleted and, with the function season approaching, should be a priority. The locker room has been tidied up with all the old lockers removed, the old bowls and bags sorted and, either kept for barefoot bowls or dumped, no pun intended. It has been painted and cleaned and looks a hell of a lot better. All efforts to keep it tidy would be appreciated. There’s been a lot of cleaning and tidying going on lately, thanks to Brian “Hurricane” Eden and Michele “The Cyclone” Dodson. Do not leave anything lying around if these two are on a mission. Be warned. If you don’t want something thrown out, then put it away in a safe place. Still, what they’ve done so far does look fantastic, despite grumblings from some quarters about “not being able to find any bloody thing” so thank you to you both…And keep up the good work.

We are in the running for a grant to fix the greens lights. We hope to have more information regarding this soon. Hope-fully, very soon. There has been a bit of a buzz around the club in recent weeks, which could be attributed to a num-ber of things, but it’s not really important why it’s there…it’s just there. And it’s exciting. Some changes have been made. There’s a new enthusiasm appearing. People seem to be enjoying the club more. But, more importantly, people want to get involved. And that’s what the club needs…more involvement. There are so many things to do to make the place something to be proud to be a part of, and I’d love to see all members, including social members, feel that they can contribute to the club and make it a place you not only want to come to but a place you want to show off to family and friends. It could take some culture change and, possibly, some minor attitude adjustments but it can be done. It’s our club. Let’s do it.

The Overview Well…we’re back after a lengthy break and a few things have happened since the last edition came out. We had two teams in the finals, it didn’t quite go as planned with neither side making past the semi finals but given we had the bare minimum of available players for the finals, we did a pretty good job, we just weren’t good enough on the day. Autumn Leaves was a big success with some thirty teams taking part and filling both greens. A team from Edithvale took the chocolates this year and congratulations to them. Maybe next year a team from SOBC will greet the judges. A big thank you to all the volunteers and organisers who made the day possible.

Presentation Day also happened and was another success. A great job by all involved in setting the place up, it looked a treat. The food was amazing Dave and his mate, John, served up the most magnificent meat. Slow cooked brisket, pulled pork…mmmm…delicious. I reckon they should cater every function we have.

We’ve had the AGM and there have been a couple of changes with Tony and Eijler stepping down from the board and Scott and Nackers stepping in, or should that be up. Anyway, there’s a new attitude around the place and people are getting enthusiastic about the club and the upcoming season. We’ve entered two 16-a-side teams for this season. The 12-a-side comp was dropped by BowlsVic for a couple of reasons which left us with a choice of having a couple of six player teams, not ideal, or bite the bullet and go for another team in regular pennant. So, we went for that. The second side has been reintroduced down in seventh division, which might seem a bit low but understandable given we didn’t have a side in any division other than second last season, but it could be a blessing in disguise and great for the new bowlers giving them experience and confidence, and the more experienced bowlers should have a good time. There might be another finals appearance coming up. We could go one better.

Fantastic Plastic has been run and won and SOBC showed, once again that they the masters of the synthetic greens, particularly in our little corner of the world. This makes it five in a row, I believe. Not a bad effort. Played at our North Rd. HQ, the weather threatened but cleared, except for a bloody cold wind, but the sun came out and all was good. Coatesville took the honours on the day with SOBC just behind them. But we took out the overall and that’s the main thing. It was another great team effort by, not only the players but the volunteers: Adam “Lefty” Pullin behind the bar, Kevin the Sausage King behind the BBQ along with Con. Great work team.

Winter is coming to an end and, hopefully, the weather will start to warm up soon and we can all get out on the greens and get some practice under our collective belts before the practice matches.

See you all on the greens.

“You can say any fool thing to a dog

and the dog will just give you this look that says,

‘My GOSH, you’re RIGHT!

I NEVER would’ve thought of that!”

― Dave Barry

The Bowls Committee Report.

We haven’t actually had a Bowls Committee meeting as yet but there are some important dates to be remembered. And they are…

Practice matches: September 8: SOBC v Clayton at home. September 15: Mordialloc v SOBC away. September 22 & 29: Intra club…at home, if you’re wondering…(a small joke there…ha ha)

Coaching Clinic with Ali Forsythe (Clayton) August 29 midday.

Opening Day: To be confirmed.

There will probably be notices going up in the club regarding these games, so you can indicate your availability. Mick Whitty will be sending out emails letting everyone know what’s happening, as well. Look out for them and try and get involved in as many games as you can. The coaching clinic should be very interesting so please try and get along to that.

The Functions Report.

Our functions manager (the best in the business) is up and about as always, busily making money for the club. Having organised some 42 major functions last season, Michele has risen to the challenge thrown down by Chappy to go for 60 functions this year and is off and running already with dates booked for September, October and November.

It’s going to get busy, particularly in December with the Christmas parties so if everyone who has an RSA and is able to work behind the bar could make themselves available for at least one function it would make life a bit easier. These functions bring in a lot of money, and people to the club, and we need to keep them going, and make them successful, so the punters will want to keep coming back. It’s not just bar staff that’s needed, though. Anyone who can help out with barefoot bowls, the BBQ, picking up glasses and rubbish and generally keeping an eye on things, are needed. Particularly during weekdays. Some of us are unable to make it on weekdays due to work commitments and can’t get to the club until later to help out, so if there are people able to do early shifts, that would be a huge help. Let Michele know if you can help. I know she would appreciate it.

The Greens Report.

Geoff Kilner has taken over as Greens director and is working with the greenkeeper to get the grass up to scratch for the start of the season. We’ve had a report on refurbishing the plastic, and also a quote on a new plastic. We’ll be looking at these at the next board meeting and discuss what steps to take. Everyone will be kept informed in due course as to what’s happening.


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